Chapter 10



I wake up in my office to sounds coming from my kitchen, I get up, make my way to the kitchen and stand leaning against the doorframe as I see Stella dancing to music I guess only she can hear. It was strange seeing a female in my private space and one that was this relaxed knowing that I am on the floor with them somewhere. I didn't miss the slight miss step as she put too much pressure on her injured thigh, as I watch Stella I mind-link with Tabitha 

"Stella needs a new uniform bring one up for her now!" 

"Yes Sir!"

I cut the link and clear my throat, I smile as she jumps a little, then turns to face me, she lowers the spatula in her hand and then her head whispering 

"I..I'm Sorry! I..I didn't mean to wake you.. I..I will go s..see T..Tabitha for a new uniform.. Th..then get back to Sir.." 

I watch as she turns off
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goodnovel comment avatar
There’s always a biotch and slut in these books. I like the story.
goodnovel comment avatar
Ejime Utohwo
most of this chapter is from the previous chapter, what a waste of coin and too many coin at that ? very disappointing
goodnovel comment avatar
Lany R Senirosi
very just wasting our 36 point on a repeated piece

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