Chapter five

I have thought about buying a dog for a while but I don't know if I would manage taking care of it with my busy schedule. I would want to come back from work to something or someone. Now that I live alone, the house feels so empty sometimes.

I take off my coat and tie unbuttoning a few buttons before my phone rings. I reach for it from my pockets not caring to check the caller ID.

"Crescent." The quivering voice of Henley catches my attention immediately.

"Hen..Henley, are you alright?" I ask.

"No." The answer makes my heart constrict.

"What happened? Did he hurt you? Where are you?" I ask incoherently.

"We had an argument with Brad." she starts. I feel my chest heave with anger. I knew fucking Chad was up to no good.

"Did he lay hands on you because I swear..."

"No." she cuts me short.

"What happened Henley?" I quip impatiently. If he laid hands on her, I am going to kill him.

"I had this pregnant scare today. When I told him, he lashed out. We had a heated argument and then he drove
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