Chapter nineteen

"We have a problem."

Della's eyes widen in horror when she lifts her gaze. A feeling of panic rises through me when I notice her tensed posture suddenly. She just received a phone call from Ryan and whatever he told her has her distressed.

"What is the matter Della?" I ask worried.

"A model cancelled at the last minute. Mom is freaking out." she explains panickly. Shit! Susan has organized her show to perfection. It has taken her months for everything to be in place so a model cancelling affects everything.

"I need to find her now." Della rushes through the crowd over to the back, me following behind. I hate when she is distracted. Her mom is sitting by a chair with Ryan and Natalie holding a glass of water when we find them.

"Mom." Della calls when she reaches her.

"Della love, what am I going to do?" Susan sighs weary.

"I will do it."

Della announces confidently.

"I mean think about it. I know how these things work and for Christ sake we don't have any other option. Our hands are ti
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