Chapter 18

Haley felt sick with worry as she pulled up outside Theon's house. The plans she'd made with Jade seemed insignificant with everything that was going on, but she had promised to help Jade move her belongings in.

"Hey." Jade ran outside, her bare feet slapping the pavement. "How did it go? Is everything okay?"

Haley nodded. "So far so good. She wasn't allowed to take her phone and Theon is a slow replier, as you'll soon find out, I'm sure."

"Oh." Jade shifted, tucking her hair that kept blowing into her face. "He doesn't have much to say to me, so..."

"Have you guys... you know?" Haley made a gesture with her fingers that caused Jade to screw up her face. 

"Not yet. He's been busy," Jade said. "I think he wants to take things slowly, which is just... not what I expected at all."

The wind picked up and whipped at the girls’ clothing and hair, forcing

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