I woke up from a gentle caress on my cheek. Even though I kept my eyes closed, I knew that Valjerome's presence was on my side based on the mixed scent of wine and his perfume.

He didn't speak. He just kept stroking my face as if he's memorizing every part of it.

Even though I want to be angry with him, I'm more consumed by weakness. What can my anger do?

I stiffened when I felt him crouched on my belly. He laid his head on it and then gently caressed my stomach. I simply bit my tongue and tried to hold back my tears.

I want to believe that he is feeling guilty. I want to believe in what he is currently showing.

But I know I was only fooling myself.

Valjerome remained in his position for more minutes until he slowly moved away from me. I felt him stood up then carefully carried me. He then started walking.

I had

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