After scooping me from my seat, he carried me towards his room. He carefully laid me down on his bed then looked up and stared.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, voice in controlled.

I feel my throat dry up to answer, not because of nervousness but because of the heat I feel now as I see him staring at me.

"Why? You don't want me anymore?" I did the reverse card.

I saw him gritted his teeth. "You are manipulating me." He then slowly crouched on my top.

I closed my eyes as Valjerome ran his finger down my cheek, down my neck until it ruled my chest.

"Are you ... coming back into my life?" he asked hoarsely and began to remove the first piece of my nightgown.

I groaned when the tip of his finger brushed on my skin. "Valjerome ..." I called desperately, eyes closed.

I even overcame the burning with the heat I felt fro

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