Chapter 15

"Can I take your things, ma'am?" Martin asked and I nodded.

It was weird being in his house, more so staying in his house without my dog, Oggie to keep me company. I left Oggie back at Mrs Chang's hoping that he would be better off there. I couldn't just bring him with me. Who knows, maybe Niklaus had an allergy to dogs or maybe he didn't even like dogs.

"Martin will show you around,"Niklaus turned to speak to me disappearing upstairs to what I'd call his room.

God, how would I manage to do this? What possessed me to even agree to him? My thoughts were in disarray, the unfamiliar environment was overwhelming, it was only after Martin calmed me down that I somehow embraced the whole beauty of the house.

"And this is the kitchen,"Martin smiled and I went to the huge fridge opening it and gazing at the different types of foods. Cheese, a lot of greens like lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, eggplants, kales and worse of all cauliflower. I hated cauliflower. Next to the greens was t
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