Chapter nineteen



I nearly slumped with relief when I realized that it wasn't Lucian.

Was I already so frightened of him? I bent down and started to pick up the phone.

"Ma'am, are you alright? I didn't mean to startle you. I'm so sorry! " Concern flickered in her eyes as she collected the phone which had fallen from my hands, I recognized her as one of the employees.

"It's fine, what do you want? "

What does he want?...would have been more appropriate, because I was sure that her appearance here had something to do with Lucian.

What did he want from me? My heart was twisted tight in anxiety while waiting for her response, but if anything she seemed even more uncomfortable than I was. Her eyes frequently scanned around the room.

"Gabrielle...right? I have been waiting for this opportunity to meet you! I need to speak to you" Her voice was lowered, I had to strain my ears to hear what she was saying.

I didn
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
He’s crazy. Literally.
goodnovel comment avatar
Shadale Foster
not quite sure how I feel about this book yet
goodnovel comment avatar
Shadale Foster
this book has kept me on my toes I'm not for sure if I can finish reading because I'm so against men abusing women I'm just having a real hard time I was hoping things would get better this man said he has wanted her for years but just admit it he never loved her and he gets off on abusing her

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