Two Hundred-Thirty-Two

He uses his claws to rip them off, moving slightly so that the material falls to the floor and as he moves back, he slides inside me with a low, pleasured growl. As he starts thrusting his hips, he moves his kiss from my lips down my neck to his mark. As soon as his lips touch, I let out a moan, and he increases his thrusts.

Zachariah builds the pleasure between us quickly, Morpheus lets out some of his Royal Alpha aura, which then surrounds me making the pleasure double if not triple only this time is different as I hear Zachariah take in a sharp breath against my skin and whispered through our link,

“What was that?”

I smile and moan as he moves the angle of his hips, sending a little more pleasure through me and then back through him; I answer him, breathing heavily even in our heads.

“That would be the sharing of our Royal bloodline power…”

“How do you know that?”

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