Chapter 87

   "Alita!!!" Gio and Luciano gasped in unison.

   Gio blinked, he couldn't believe as he initially don't know what to believe with the way she was looking.

   Alita was still putting on the black hoodie and black joggers she wore days ago when she saw Jordan. Her hair was packed in a messy ponytail and her face looked white like she doesn't have enough blood.

  Of course she doesn't have enough blood. Not when she had lost everything to Rocco and the rest hiding, staying hungry and living out of Expired food and nursing her grudges for vengeance.

   A small smile spread on Alita's face as she watched Lu's daughter run back to her and held her palm. The way the little girl was just so happy and jumping should be enough to melt the stone in Alita's heart. Instead, it turned it to iron when she noticed the proud look on Luciano's face as he stared at the l


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