Mr. CEO! It's you and me against the world
Mr. CEO! It's you and me against the world
Author: Sweetanne110

Chapter 1

"Ell...Ell" he stammered as he felt the cold metal on his wrists, and before he could say anything else, he was roughly pushed out of his apartment into the cold night and into one of their cars.


Lisa Thompson sluggishly sat up on her bed and turned on her laptop. She clicked on her G***l app and went through her emails. All of a sudden, her eyes caught a message, and she hurriedly clicked on the message with her heart beating hard.

"Yes" she said happily with her eyes closed tight, her fists clenched and her elbows bent.

Lisa was beyond happy, and she still found it unbelievable that Megabiz Inc. had chosen her out of all the applicants that had applied for the post of managing director's secretaryship.

She opened her eyes a few seconds later and went through the message again in order to confirm that her eyes hadn't played her.

After going through the message again, she jumped out of her bed and ran to the room next to hers.

"Summer!" She shouted as she began shaking her. "Summer, wake up!"

Summer was Lisa's best friend as well as room mate. The girls had paired up as room mates in their first year in college and became friends instantly.

"What" she mumbled as she sat up on her bed and gave Lisa a questioning look.

"I got the Job!" Lisa said enthusiastically.

"What job?" Summer said as she began to rack her brain because Lisa had applied for so many jobs during that month.

"The secretary job at Megabiz Inc! I can't believe it"

Summer's eyes widened in delight, and she smiled at her friend before asking "For real?"

"For real" Lisa replied and sat on her friend's bed. "This calls for celebration"

"Of course. Where should we go to?'

"A park?"

Summer gave Lisa a dissatisfied look and said. "Why don't we choose somewhere else"

"Like?" Lisa asked.

"Like a club"

Lisa puffed as she looked away from her friend. She wasn't a fan of clubbing, and Summer knew this and still brings it up every single chance she got.

"You know..."

Lisa was about to start her usual line when she was suddenly interrupted by Summer.

"Just for today. There is no big deal in clubbing" she cajoled.


"Common, Lisa. You're now a secretary at one of the biggest companies in the world. Doesn't that call for celebration"

Lisa sighed heavily and gave in by nodding her head.

A beautiful smile creased Summer's face, and she hugged her friend. "Thank you"

Lisa shrugged her shoulders. "You're welcome"


"Put on this gown" Summer said as she walked into Lisa's room and dropped a blue gown on her bed.

"I have my Jean trouser..."

Summer put her second finger on her lips and hushed Lisa. "We're going to a club, not a seminar"

Lisa rolled her eyes as she picked up the blue gown and put it on.

"Wow, you're looking great by the way, secretary, Lisa"

Lisa blushed. "Thank you"

"Now, let's do your make-up"

Lisa sat in front of her mirror and Summer used forty-five minutes to perform her magic.

"Done" she said as she dropped a make-up brush and moved away from the mirror in order to give Lisa a chance to check herself.

"Wow" Lisa said as she checked herself in the mirror and saw a new her.

"Told ya. You're one hot chick"

Lisa smiled at her friend and said "Thank you"

"You're welcome. Now, let's be on our way" Summer said as she began heading out of Lisa's room to hers in order to pick her purse and some cash.


They arrived at the club about twelve minutes later and headed in straight.

They both asked for cocktails and found a table at one corner of the club where the speakers weren't so loud.

Not long after they were seated, a very cute guy walked up to Summer and asked her to dance with him.

Lisa knew what was coming next, but a part of her still hoped that for once, Summer wouldn't give him a chance because everyone that knew Summer knew that she had a soft spot for cute guys.

"Okay" she replied as she gave him a flirtatious look and put her hand in his.

"I will call you" she gestured to Lisa before walking away.

Lisa's jaw dropped down as she watched her friend walking away with the stranger, and she had no idea what she was going to do next.

Lisa looked around the club and found no one she knew. In short, she was on her own, and she had to take care of herself.

She lifted her cocktail to her mouth, but before she could take a sip out of it, a young guy sat on Summer's vacated seat and pointed his second finger at someone on his right hand before saying. "He wants to see you"

Perplexed, Lisa followed his finger in order to see who the 'He' was, but that part of the club was darker than where she was sitting, and she was unable to make out anybody's face.

"Who?" She asked curiously.

"You will know when you get there"

As if I will be leaving my seat. She thought and scoffed. "Tell him to come here"

The guy's eyes widened in fear, and he said. "He is a big man"

"And I'm a big woman. I'm sorry, but I can't follow you" she said frankly.

Disappointedly, the guy rose on his feet and walked away.

Lisa smiled at herself for the way she had handled the situation, lifted her cocktail to her mouth and took a sip out of it.

"I heard you turned him down" a man said as he sat on Summer's vacated seat and gave Lisa a beautiful smile.

Lisa, who wasn't expecting anybody anytime soon, shockingly choked on her cocktail and spat some of it out.

The man who Lisa suspected was in his earlier thirties rose on his feet, leaned across the table and used his handkerchief to clean her lips.

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