Chapter 10 - The precious gift

Daniel's POV

I rubbed my temples without opening my eyes. I had a pounding headache.

Suddenly, the scenes from last night flashed on my mind. Fuck! I opened my eyes instantly.

Dammit! I hissed under my breath, closing my eyes.

I opened my eyes and looked at Bella sleeping peacefully beside me on the bed. I leaned on my elbow and stroked her silky hair gently. She looked so beautiful. And now she was mine. My woman. She gave me the most precious gift a woman could give a man: her virginity. I was happy for being her first. On the other hand, I knew it was wrong; I should not do it to her. It would make her more heartbroken. I increased damages that I caused.

Forgive me, my sunshine.

I leaned over her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Then I got up and went to the bathroom.

After taking a shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped out. When I

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