Daddy's here!

Kane pov

I had to hold Selena for about an hour while Knight and Cody gave us much needed privacy. It wasn't more about us or our needs than it was about our little boy. We can't show weakness and fear if we want Knight to take this mess as lightly as possible. 

"I... What's going to happen to our son, Kane? How are we supposed to live and smile when he has to deal with something like this? A- and it's all because of me. If only I hadn't made this decision, if only I hadn't acted like a complete moron. My God..." Tears stream down Selena's cheeks as I force my finger in front of her lips to stop the pointless rant.

I get it; she's hurt and scared, but so am I. Still, I can't let her blame herself for every obstacle that comes our way; I just can't. 


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