Oh Deer!

The looming mountain before us made me feel extremely small compared to anything else I have ever seen. I hope we don’t need to trek up there, because I know I am not equipped to do anything like that! Even walking through the forest was hard enough! As I continue to gaze up at the gigantic mass of earth, Jay places his hand on the small of my back in comfort.

“Don’t worry. We should be able to find his cabin on the ground easily enough. It won’t be up there,” he tells me and then looks at me with the usual dopey grin plastered all over his face. I can tell he is about to either crack a joke or flirt with me, so before he gets the chance, I tap him on the nose.

“I know that. Why don’t you find the cabin instead of whatever you’re suddenly plotting in that mind of yours?” I tell him with a disapproving glance. I’m not upset with him, but I am tired and want to find the cabin so I can fina

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