Sneaking Around

With a loud croak, Aderyn leaves the rails and lands on the roof. It peers down at the Alpha and then, with a louder call, tells me, ‘I will distract him.’

I nod slowly. Thankfully, only witches can understand familiars, and even then it isn’t always the case that we can understand one that belongs to another witch. Either way, I can get past the Alpha and into his room without being detected.

I pause at the door, however, and glance back to Aderyn as he annoys Shaun. Is this really going to work? Just sneak in and sneak out? I can’t bring others with me in the shadows, and there are too many patrols to get out of here without a fight.

I frown and turn back to the door. I have to at least confirm everyone is safe and well first, then I can deal with Shaun and his pack after. My idea isn&rsquo

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