Chapter 62 : Beginning


After I came back to the villa after dropping Chrissie off at school, I headed back to the room to pick up some files. I hoped Ivanna didn't wake up since it's hard for me to behave rudely with her. I'm determined to not go for a temporary dispute this time.

When I reach the door and find Ivanna next to the bedside drawer, I halt over there and peep inside.

She's staring at the card I had put inside the drawer last night with no intention for her to see it. But now, I think it's good that she has seen it.

I wait for her to put it back in the drawer or just dump the card into the bin but a few seconds pass, and she doesn't move her eyes from it. She keeps staring at it and then she takes her phone and clicks a picture of the card. She puts the card back in the drawer, leaving me shocked and confused at the same time.

Why wouldn't she just keep it?

Maybe, she doesn't want me to know she has taken it.

I don't know what's going on inside her head.

Before she can turn around
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