Chapter 178 : Collided


She hardens her reaction as she sees me. Her eyes are literally burning like fire at me. There's immense anger and hatred in her eyes. And undoubtedly, it seems like she can even kill me at this point if we're left alone together. I can never believe she has changed, not after watching her now. She's still the same. Fucking same. Full of arrogance and anger.

"Good evening, Mrs Fox!" I say it a bit louder, not getting any response from her.

She's still silent.

John passes a confusing look, looking at Thea and he slowly jerks her. "Thea!"

She is startled as if she was literally in some deep thought and someone just pulled her out of it.

"Yeah!" She stutters.

"Mr Scott has been greeting you. You just spaced out", he tells her.

Thea looks back at me with the same aggressive gaze.

"I didn't notice", she shrugs, glaring at me. "Good evening, Mr Scott"

"Heard you recovered from the injuries. Pleased for you", I tell her.

She looks utterly surprised by my behaviour now.

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