One Year Bride
One Year Bride
Author: Serenade18


"Wow, you look really pretty, sis!"

I looked at the little girl standing next to me. Her round eyes sparkled with enthusiasm and a clear gleam of honesty. Well, aren't children really very honest creatures? I just smiled while stroking her shoulder-length hair, and she seemed to enjoy the caress of my hand. Only, a few seconds later, her smile disappeared when a woman came into the room and called out to me,

"Are you ready Sena? It's time for the bride to walk into the altar!”

Instead of answering the woman's call, I chose to sigh and stare at my face reflected in the mirror. It's okay if other people say that I'm overconfident, but the truth is I'm really pretty. It even seems like I can fall in love with myself!

“Stop daydreaming, Sena! Come on!”

The woman urged when I didn't respond to her words just now. But instead of standing up, I chose to stay seated and tilted my head while looking at her coldly.

"Are you sure you want to be like this to me? Have you forgotten that I can make your life hell in an instant?"

I smiled sarcastically when I saw the woman's face suddenly become pale. Feeling satisfied as she finally nodded her head, signaling that she now understood her position. My attention which was originally focused on the woman was now diverted again to the little girl who began to slowly tug on my dress,

"Hey, sis.."

She called out in a low voice

"Are you really going to marry Mr. Walter?"

Her voice sounds so sad

"My friends say that a married person will go after her husband and is difficult to meet.."

"Hah? Who said that to you?”

I smiled again, this time not the cynical smile I had previously shown to that woman

“Even until I become a granny, you can visit me as you please!”

I said as I crouched down so that our eyes were level with each other. Her round eyes that were originally misty with sadness now shone brightly again. Oh, my God! I really feel like pinching her adorable round cheeks.

"Is that true? So I can play with big sister whenever I want?”

“Yup, of course!”



We then laughed together, intertwined our pinkies. After confirming that she was no longer sad, then I stood up again,

"Let's go!"

I said arrogantly towards the woman who could only hold her anger until her face was bright red. Maybe right now she was wishing she could strangle me to death or hit me in anger. I just clicked my tongue when I saw she start to lead me towards the door with an annoyed face. What could she really get mad at me for? Did she forget that she owed me a huge debt?. Suddenly what happened a few days ago flashed through my head. When this woman knelt in front of me, pleading in a pitiful voice and prostrated to the floor many times. Seeing her arrogance today makes me feel funny, should I remind her again of that day?

"You are so beautiful, dear!"

Once out of the dressing room, a middle-aged man looked at me with teary eyes. He reached out his hand, preparing to lead me through the altar with a happy face. The man who is none other than my father. I nodded and took his hand awkwardly. Then looked straight ahead, at a man in a black tuxedo wrapped around his athletic body. His facial features are actually very stunning, especially his blue eyes that look so deep, as if they are the ocean that can drown you. The only thing that stood in the way of his perfection was the mask that covered half of his face. But for me it doesn't matter, I don't really care about the face behind that mask.

"Well, what do I care!"

I just mumbled while shrugging. It didn't matter what he was wearing, all that mattered was that he showed up and did this absurd wedding today. After all, in a year, this marriage will end. Although there are actually a lot of things that I have to risk to get through that one year.

As I got closer to the altar, I began to contemplate whether I should let go of my father's grip and run towards the exit or keep walking forward. There are still a few more minutes before I actually get married and officially become Mrs. Walters.


When I turned my face to the side, my gaze immediately met with Wendy, the little girl who had accompanied me in the dressing room since this morning. Her round eyes still looked sad, and she seemed to be holding herself back from crying until her round cheeks turn red. Aww, so cute! Even though I already said that she could see me at any time. But it seems she's still scared that she won't be able to see me.

Again, I remember my plan to run away. If I decide to run away, the future of the owner of those round eyes is at stake!

I took a deep breath and returned my gaze to the front, clearing my thoughts of escaping from this place. After all, the agreement has been made and I can't cancel what I promised with the man who is now waiting for me at the altar.

“You only need to be my wife for a year, until I really get back everything that's rightfully mine! After that you can leave me and go wherever you want!”

My smile widens when I remember what Mr. Walters said a few days ago, when he offered me this marriage. A marriage that can be a way out to save my father's company, as well as to save Wendy, my half-sister who I should hate but unfortunately I really love to death. Taking a deep breath, I made up my mind again. All right, let's just get married!

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