Chapter 5

I couldn't hardly breathe. I think my airways was closing because of this scenario! I tried to look at him but he wasn't smiling like usual, his aura was undeniably scary. Even if he doesn't say anything, I would pee myself.

"You," he gave me a deadly stare.

My heart kept on beating fast I think I was going to passed out. My knees started shaking and my voice went missing. I gave him a questioning look.

"Don't talk," he said in a flat tone. I nodded still couldn't find my own voice. "When your mouth is full, Ms. Villafuente."

I never thought that it was possible to feel like dying when you're still breathing and alive. I was living in shame and fear after it happened. It's nearly been a week, I was waiting for them to fire me. They gave me less task to do, I was overthink that they would fire me already.

Even Romeo and rose were even scared to death. They'd been waiting for the management to talk to them too. They said it wasn't normal that the boss didn't say something about it. Since they would quickly removed someone if they made a mistake or been caught disrespecting those in higher position. Especially Zach! He was the CEO.

We didn't talk much during lunch since we were scared. I was about to go back to the building. I was crossing the pedestrian lane when the stop light turned green. I wanted to go back early, first thing I noticed about myself upon working was, I didn't want anyone to notice me even doing the right thing. Unless it was something I needed to change of.

I was about to run to the huge building when a hand stopped me from running. "Oh, Mr. Esqueza!"

Someone laughed. "Seriously, Mr. Esqueza?"

It was the guy who helped me during my first day. He was wearing a black pants and a white t-shirt while holding a magazine. People entering the building were staring at him.

I removed his hand from my shoulder. "You scared me! I almost had an heart attack!"

He was giggling. "Mr. Esqueza? Are you fantasizing your boss now? You're not even a week old there and here you are, mentioning his name. Woah!" he said and put his hand in his pants pocket.

"Are we even close?! Why are you here? Are you following me?" I asked, trying to ignore what he just said.

"Are you the only one who has the right to work here? I spotted a walking elf so I stopped to say hi."

My eyes widened. "I'm not! And my height is average!"

He raised the magazine from the sunlight hitting his face. "Yeah, we'll explain that to the police."

I stared at him, a little disgusted by what he was saying. "Okay, but let me borrow that first!" I grabbed the magazine while running away from him.

"Hey, don't bring that!"

I was laughing and running trying to get away with him. When I entered Esqueza's Corporation, I gently lifted the magazine to my face. I feel like a criminal hiding because someone might recognize me and hand me over to the police.

I felt a little relief because no one was walking since I'm early. But after awhile my whole body stiffened when I heard someone talking, it was Mr. Esqueza! Shit. He was followed by other businessmen and his bodyguards were beside him and also his assistant.

I almost broke my neck while shying my head away and hid behind the magazine I was holding. Their voices were close to where I'm standing, I didn't bother to move or even look. They weren't going to use this ordinary elevator, so I knew there was little chance that he would notice me.

"We have to set a high marketing strategy upon releasing this product, a strategy that's never been done before. Where we can catch the people's attention, leaving them remembering it," Mr. Esqueza speaks.

"I agree, we can also hire more people to promote this product through their social medias. It's one of the most powerful tools nowadays," he said.

"Indeed," Mr. Esqueza's said.

They were talking robotically while I was still hiding behind this magazine. I got paralyzed when I inhaled a familiar scent near me. I slowly lowered the magazine to my mouth and peeked, Mr. Esqueza was standing infront of me pushing the elevator button.

"Is your lunch break over?" he asked, raising a brow.

I smiled awkwardly. "Yes, sir. I just finished."

He looked at his watch. "You still have ten minutes, are you going to start this early?"

I didn't answer. I must first think of what I have to say before I speak. I didn't want to add up anymore mistake. I know they're already thinking of getting rid of me. Even now he had seen me! I'm sure he remembered what happen last time. He might ask his assistant now to kick me!

"Unless you smoke," he spoke again. "Do you?"

I shuddered and my laughter became even more robotic. It was as if I would pee my pants then suddenly, a cold entered my stomach. "No, sir. I don't. I forgot something on my desk that I need to pick up."

"Sir, the VIP's are waiting," his assistant whispered.

"Use it with them. I'll use this one," he told his assistant and pointed his hand toward the elevator. "Ladies first?" he told me.

His assistant mouth fell open but managed to hide her emotion. She walked back and joined the businessmen and Mr. Esqueza's bodyguards then assisted them.

"What are you waiting for?" he asked impatiently this time.

I hurried into the elevator. My heels were clicking on the floor, my weight seemed to add up some kilo because of his presence. I was about to stand on the side when I suddenly got out of balance. It all happened too fast, I dropped off the magazine and the next thing I knew his hand was on my waist already, stopping my body from falling.

"Are you alright? Do you feel sick?" he asked a bit concern.

He helped me stand up slowly and I froze into place when I felt him on my back. His lips were almost on my hair so I inhaled a huge air. His hand went up to my stomach, helping me stand still. I was feeling hot and nervous so I quickly walked away from him.

There was silence for a bit. "Have you eaten?" He asked seriously.

I couldn't answer, my system didn't want to calm down. "Have you lost your voice? Are you okay?"

"Sorry, sir!" My mind was still disoriented when I answered. "Yes, I'm okay, sir," I told him still panicking. "I'm not used to wearing heels like this every day," I explained without looking at him.

"You can wear anything you want, you know," he stated.

"I don't want to break this company's dress code," I replied shyly.

"I'll give you an exemption as long as it is not revealing, I can allow that."

My jaws were left open with what he said. I looked at him, still trying to process what he told me. My cheeks were probably blushing because I suddenly felt sick, my stomach was aching as if gazillion of butterflies were rallying inside.

"Safety is also our top priority here," he continued when I didn't answer. "My team and I are talking about dresscode a few days ago. It's not totally approve yet, just letting you know that you can wear what makes you feel comfortable if you want to."

I showed my teeth, giving my best effort not to look dumb. "Thank you for that, sir. I appreciate your concern." I was proud when my voice didn't stutter.

The elevator button stopped on my floor. Fortunately, it opened quickly. I bowed down to him and walked out hurriedly.

"Ms. Villafuente?"

I stopped walking. I turned to him nervously. "Yes, sir? You need something?"

"I believe this magazine is yours."

He bent to pick up the magazine on the floor. I hurried to get in front of him to pick it up but he quickly stood up and handed me the magazine.

I was even more embarrassed by what he did. He was not the man you can ask when you needed something. He was the type of guy who would ask someone to pick it up for him when he dropped something.

I hugged the magazine as he handed it to me. "Sorry, sir! Thank you for helping me." My head was overthinking. "It will not happen again!"

His face was confused. "I don't mind at all," he said holding the open button. "But why are you holding an adult magazine?"

I gasped in horror. I quickly looked at the magazine I was embracing. I was stunned when I saw an almost naked body of a woman in the front page! Damn that guy! Why was he carrying such a magazine?!

"Ah ... Eh ... Actually, it's for my brother! Yes, that's right. He ordered me to buy it because he's a fan of Arci Muñoz," I lied.

Confusion flooded his face once again as if he knew I was lying. I don't have a brother but he probably won't search how many of us in the family, right? I felt ashame here. I wanted to disappear like a bubble immediately.

Mr. smiled at me. Esqueza. "Well then, tell your brother to enjoy reading that magazine. And also tell him I'm looking forward to meet him one day."

Then the elevator door closed. Leaving me breathless, as if I was slapped by the lie I just told him. Was there still anything to make this situation even worser?

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