Chapter 16


"So, Kylie was right." I hear Mother say as I walk into the living room with Miranda. Mother is glowering at Snow, looking at her with disgust. It makes me annoyed. Mother always does that, looks at people with judging eyes as if their nothing but filthy rags. It takes everything in me not to snap at her. Hearing the words Mother spoke makes me mad. Either Kylie has been stalking me or my house is bugged. I can't stand these women. I'll deal with Kylie later.

Remembering Miranda is till holding my hand, I whisper to her. "Go to Sam. I have to be with my mother now." She nods and skips to Sam. I walk up up them and then clear my throat. "Mother." I call her and she looks at me with a big smile. "Son." She greets. Snow glances at me and moves away from Mother.

"Let's eat." I say tightly.

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