Chapter 48

Lily’s pov

I couldn’t sleep, I was so used to having Osiris close to me and I was too worked up about our fight. So I decided to go out for a run, I left Osiris a note in case he would wake up when I was still gone. didn’t plan to run long, I just needed to blow off some steam. I shifted and started to run didn’t even know where I was running until I got to the tree, our tree. It reminded me of what was important.

I would be joining the Iron River pack tomorrow, I would become Luna. I hated that Osiris had lied, but everyone makes mistakes. I sat there for a while and thought I will run back and I will wake up Osiris. We could sort this all out. I stood up and started to run back, until I felt a small sharp pain and felt dizzy. I fell down and my eyes closed.

When I woke up I was naked, felt weak and my ankle was tied to a chain. I didn’t know where I was, it looked like a small hut. Osiris mindlinked me and I told him I was scared and tied up. I saw a wolf coming closer and the doo
Naomi D.

How will Lily be able to escape?

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Dionne Perrin
I knew it was him
goodnovel comment avatar
I’m kinda confused by something. So he’s saying when he saw her she was already knocked out and being carried by 2 guards. So are those guards betraying Osiris or is Arden lying?
goodnovel comment avatar
I am furious. Lily showed him nothing but kindness and this deranged male thinks she belongs to him? Yuck!

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