Chapter 211

Meadow’s pov

I felt really honored that Alpha Osiris called me here to help, but I did not expect to hear this at all. So this new girl, Ariel, was a human? Or she used to be a human?

“I wonder what she looked like when she shifted.” Aurora said.

“Me too.” I replied to my wolf.

“Do you want to tell me more? It might help you. Once I shared what happened to me, I felt less ashamed and realized it wasn’t my fault.” I said, knowing it would also help Alpha Osiris to know more.

Ariel shook her head, “no, it’s too much.”

Okay, a different approach. “Can you tell me why you came here then? Instead of staying at the Silver Heart pack?”

Ariel nodded, “okay.”

She took a deep breath, “after I was changed I tried to live with humans for a while, but I left once I turned eighteen. I couldn’t control shifting. I don’t have a wolf like you do. I tried living among the rogues, but they live mostly in wolf form and I stood out. One of the other rogues took pity on me and helped me. Her name wa
Naomi D.

Another chapter before everyone has dinner together and they can figure out what to do about Ariel. Bit longer, but wanted Meadow and Chris to have their moment.

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Sara Carlos Avina
So happy for meadow!
goodnovel comment avatar
Jeanthale (talia)
Omg finally so so proud of meodow she truly has come along way. Love this this was beautiful oow i hope she is pregnant I really do so asher can have a friend

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