Bride For Hire
Bride For Hire
Author: Chidot


Ethan could only nod, knowing his regret. he moved to catch the door handle, but when Camilla moved close, he hesitated in opening it. Camilla looked in question at the door and then at the man standing before him looking like a god.

She could not look away from his luminous eyes that seemed to suck her in. Ethan's eyes were filled with yearning and Camilla could not move-not even when his fingers dropped from the knob and he reached with both hands to cup her face.

No words were spoken. Ethan cradled her cheeks like she was a rare and delicate gift and looked into her eyes- so huge and lovely that he could not say anything. her lips parted, but she was not capable of any speech. the movement captured Ethan's attention and he looked downwards, then lowered his head.

The kiss was unlike anything Camilla had experienced, and of her own volition her hands came up to hold his arms. when his hands dropped and he put his arms around her, she followed suit, lifting her arms to hold him as well. Ethan's eyes were shut as he drank from her, his tongue searching for hers seeking for more. but Camilla was still wide with wonder over the way he kissed her.

"I am sorry." Ethan pushed her away slowly almost reluctantly "I don't know what got into me, but be rest assured it will never happen again.

Camilla stared at him, lost for words. to protect her remaining dignity she said the only thing that came up in her head. "I would appreciate it if you didn't." her head held high, she left his presence.

In the safety of her room, Camilla cried. Was it too much, to want his love for her own? I can't pretend anymore. I just can't.


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