Chapter 53:

When Kaitlyn woke up, the birds were just beginning to chirp, the world still barely covered in light as she sat up in her bed. 

Her head was pounding, and groggy from sleep. She nursed her head with gentle rubs of her fingertips, before glancing to her right. She smiled, as the soreness of her body and the toned arm splayed across her waist affirmed last night hadn't been a heated dream. 

It was real. 

And Jackson was cuddled next to her securely, his face squished into her shoulder. 

It was adorable and heartwarming, and she felt completely at peace. The pain from her headache overlooked as she moved her fingers to play with his bangs instead. 

It was still shocking to her, new, to be able to touch him so freely.

She turned so she could observe him: the slight rise and fall of his chest, his long lashes that she was envious of, the way his full lips parted when he slept. 


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