Chapter 15: Parent Meeting!

Caroline's POV

"Soo.. what do you actually do Daniel? I only know that you're my daughter's boyfriend" My mom asked Daniel.

"Mamma? What's with all these questions?!" It's been like this since the past hour.

"Oh dear I'm just asking. He would be in trouble if it was your father enquiring him" she said.

Daniel and Dylan have been looking at Mom then right back at me. Dylan's used to it but Daniel? Obviously he has never seen us bickering!

"I think it's alright! I can answer-" I cut him off.

"Daniel! I didn’t ask you to speak did I?" I ask him angrily. I always hated when my dad used to stop me and Mom from fighting and now Daniel.

"Why are you screaming at him?!" My mom asked seriously annoyed with me. I shot her a glare asking her to keep quiet so that we could have dinner silently.

After dinner, Daniel and I quickly said our byes to Mom and my brother. I think he likes Daniel. They were acting like long

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