Chapter Sixty-Four

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Seth and I sat just beside the girls, a few feet away but still able to see them as they faced the crowd.

The crowd cheered as the host smiled at us and gave the girls a thumbs up before stepping to the small pew at the top of the stage to watch them.

Alora bounced on her feet as she smiled at Isabel who nodded at her before she faced me. Her eyes filled with glee. I noticed a tiny glint of fear in them and I smirked before she turned away sharply.

She was definitely going to lose at this.

She was a slave and she was dumb.

"Go!" The host yelled as the crowd cheered and started hitting the chairs in anticipation.

Alora grabbed the first of the ten balloons from the rack, smearing it with a lot of shaving cream and I shook my head.

She was already going to lose with that much shaving cream on the balloon because when it was time to shave it off, it would be too muc
Chimdi Jane Samuel

*As promised, double updates for you all. It's time for Ares and Seth to finally play their part in the game. Who do you think is going to win this round? Do you think Ares knows Alora enough or do you think Seth has a greater chance at winning? Let me know in the comments and lastly whose team are you on #TeamAlores or #TeamSetabel, let me know in the comments. Make sure you choose. I'll be announcing the winner in the next chapter based on your comments 😂 Do vote too, see you tomorrow. Jane♥️

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team sethabel
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
team Alores!! sorry Seth and Isabel um maybe not I'm not a big fan on apologies..
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wood y
I hope it was isabel that set up Alora. otherwise I feel sorry for Isabel she needs hope. Ares needs to see that she isn't as dumb as he thought.

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