Season Two: Chapter Twenty-One


The feeling of someone hands on my cheeks woke me up from the deep slumber and I fluttered my eyes open meeting Ares cold blue ones, but they had some sort of emotions buried beneath all that icy blue.

As quickly as I felt the touch, it was gone and Ares snatched his hand away, coughing awkwardly as I smiled softly at him.

“Hi.” I said quietly as Ares nodded, starting to get off the bed when I clinched to his arm and giggled.

“Don’t leave yet.” I told him as he looked down at my hands wrapped around his biceps. I blushed as his muscles flexed a bit before he nodded.

I didn’t know why I was suddenly brave around him, but after knowing Jax was lurking around ready to pounce on me when Ares wasn’t looking, I wanted to be around Ares and his protection.

A part of me ached to tell Ares but another part of me was scared. He hadn’t been fully kind to me when we first met and he hated Jax. I couldn’t imagine what his response would be when I told him.

“Why do you hate the
Chimdi Jane Samuel

Hi everyone. I am deeply sorry for the delay in writing this book, but I was going through some personal challenges these past few months. And I happy to be back to writing. Forgive me once more. I would resume updating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6pm in Nigerian time. Please stay tuned, tell your friends and make sure to drop your comments and vote. I appreciate all the love and support I have gotten so far from the start of this book. And I hope this is the last lap of break until it is finished. What do you think of Ares killing his family? How could Alora see his past by touching his curse mark? Does she have some sort of special abilities? Thank you all, I hope you continue reading.

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So glad to have you back! Hope things are going better!
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Niyigena Francoise
can't wait for mr of this book ...
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So happy you're back!

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