Season Two: Chapter Twenty-Three


“So I’ve narrowed down the schools that offer adult education,” I heard Isabel say as I looked up from my laptop as she walked into my office holding an iPad. She wore a weird shirt with an anime character and short tennis skirts. Her blonde hair was pulled in a ponytail and her big round glasses reflected the lights from the screen of her device.

“It’s quite surprising that many pack schools have adult education in their curriculum. And I was able to find a few close to us.” She said as she bowed at me.


“Didn’t you find any in the pack?” I asked curiously as Isabel shook her head.

“The two pack schools don’t have adult classes and there’s no one experienced enough to teach Alora. The only pack member who had taught an adult is away for his PhD and won’t be back until another year.”

“So where are the schools?”

“I found one just close by. It’s in the Moon River pack.” I frowned. The Moon River Pack was a small pack that was just about thirty minutes drive a
Chimdi Jane Samuel

Things we love to see! I hope things get better between Ares and Alora. Seth is such a jerk! Sending Drew away out of jealousy is really hilarious! What do you think of Alora starting school in another pack? What do you think of Seth wanting to send Drew away? Is he being selfish? Let me know what you think of the chapter in the comments. See you on Monday. Jane,❤️

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Liza Vivier
Welcome back Chimdi!! So happy we can continue reading your great story. Wish you could help finish some of the other authors online books which just stops without any update for a year & more
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ciria arredondo
so much for "see you Monday"
goodnovel comment avatar
Marshmallow 🌸
This will be fun because I think Ares will send Isabel with Alora to that pack hahaha so Seth's move will backfire.

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