Season Two: Chapter Twenty-Five


“Lana said I’ll find you here.” I heard Isabel say as I sat up from the couch. After Lana had left, I felt so alone in the house. Camilla and Carmen had gone to the mall and Raya was busy cleaning out a room for Alex while Lana went about her duties.

It was starting to get hard being locked up here with nothing to do. Ares didn't even let me go even out of the estate doors as my encounter with him this morning had made me sad, his tone and his cold eyes reminded me of Jax even though I knew Ares would never hit me.

I wasn’t in a much different situation from when I was Jax’s slave. I didn’t know what freedom was back then, so I never felt bored locked up in his home. I felt empty.

But here, I had experienced the outside world and I wanted to be there. Always.

“Are you ok?” Isabel asked as she looked around the room. “It’s weird being here, since I started working with the Alpha this room had always been locked. It’s funny how you were the reason he opened it.” She said
Chimdi Jane Samuel

I’m excited for these two. Seeing them lol this makes my heart ache. I can’t wait for more. Let me know what you think of this chapter. Please leave a review and rate 5 stars. See you all on Monday! Have a lovely weekend. 

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Diane Bresky
No updates again was already behind last week ... so sad to drag the story out and drag us readers along. One chapter at a time.
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celeste bartlett
I understand life gets in the way but come on write chapters and post them . I am so ready to delete you from my reading.
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What’s Ares gunna do now? He told Isabella tht Alora could go 2 school b4 Jax! I wish Ares knew the real threat Jax poses 2 Alroa!! I would absolutely HATE for Jax to get his hands back on her Ever again, but especially not b4 A&A realize they Love each other! (& I believe A&A r mates…

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