Chapter 76: Pregnant Warrior


In the past few days, things have been a little hectic. I kept waiting for another surprise to pop up. Ryan and Amanda were constantly making out, always making excuses about why they had to go somewhere. We all knew what they were really doing.

It didn’t help that we all had excellent hearing, which meant they weren’t fooling anyone. It made me wonder if Ryker and I were that loud when we were having sex. Thankfully though, Ryker and I had a bit of privacy at my house.

Theo and Sara still haven’t completed their mate bond, but I suspect it will happen any day now. The way they acted around each other was the complete opposite to how Ryan and Amanda were. Theo and Sara were practically glued to each other’s side.

It was sweet actually and I was happy for them both. They weren’t getting lost in each other, they were getting to know one another. It was both endearing and annoying.

It kinda made me a little envious of how they were together. Everything seemed easy and they conne
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Geez her mom is harsh. Calm down Karen. Lol
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Karina Vazquez
See, her mom is alive. Great news!

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