92 Chapters
Taelin- “I can’t believe you Taelin! Do you know what you will be throwing away if you leave? You and Theo are perfect for each other. You could become Luna! He loves you and is willing to make you, his Luna.” My mother yelled at me, as I continued to pack my bags. I was now sixteen, able to apply to join the royal guard. My mother was against the idea because she wanted me to become the Luna of the pack. Since the parasite was wiping out our kind, it has made it impossible for us to find our fated mates. We were supposed to find our chosen mates. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Alpha Theo, he was a very handsome guy. He was a kind Alpha and more than capable of leading our pack. When Theo was barely thirteen, he became the Alpha of our pack, after his father was taken over by this unknown parasite. We still didn’t know what was causing our kind to become ill, turning us into mindless Rogues. It started when I was ten and has been slowly making its way around. We aren’t even sure how
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Chapter 1
Taelin- This was it. The day I have been waiting for, for two years. When I first came here to become a warrior in the Royal Guard, I thought that if they accepted me, I would be able to start right away. Then I found out I had to go through two years of vigorous training and skill tests to even qualify. Today was the day I would find out if I were good enough to join. At first, I had been the laughingstock of everyone. Twenty other highly trained werewolves had also arrived the same day as me, except only two of us were female. I had figured I would be the only female since there had been no other she-wolves that have been in the Royal Guard. After training for the last two years, and getting tested for skills and endurance, now I know why. The training course was tough, and I am honestly surprised I had made it this far. The other female that had applied, had been sent home after the first three months. Not because she was unable to keep up, but because it had been too hard for h
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Chapter 2
Taelin- “The last name I am about to call, I want you all to know, that I have watched this one very closely. I am not choosing them because of who their family is, but because they were the best in the class. This person trained harder than everyone and I think will one day become even better than me. Despite all the factors against them, they have achieved something I haven’t seen in many years.” The Alpha spoke. The way he was dragging this out made my head hurt. The fact that he mentioned a family connection just proves that he is about to call out Seth’s name. I think the Alpha King may be full of shit though. I admit Seth is good, but he is also lazy when it comes to training. “I didn’t think my uncle saw me like that.” I heard Seth whisper, sounding just a bit smug. “Taelin Reyes.” The Alpha spoke. This has to be a dream. There is no way I just heard what I heard. It was my name the Alpha King called, yet I couldn’t bring my feet to move. I just stared at him with wide eyes
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Chapter 3
Taelin- Arriving at the wall that surrounded my pack, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue. There was something eerie about the atmosphere that seemed to leak out past the walls. Standing just outside the gate, I got this sickening feeling when no one came out to see who had arrived. Typically, one of the pack warriors, depending on who was on rotation at the time, would open the peek hole to see who was outside. Nothing happened though. When I looked up to the top of the wall, I didn’t see anyone walking around either. The way the wall was built allowed others to walk on the metal platform that was just inside the border. I kept watching, hoping that I would see someone. I have even gone as far as calling out to alert them of my arrival. “Mom?” I attempted to link with my mother, but I got no response. “Theo?” I attempted, but still no response. Why wasn’t anyone answering? Something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. The only way I was going to know, is if I entered the territ
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Chapter 4
Ryker- When was this going to end? For years we have been dealing with this threat and haven’t gotten anywhere. Although I had no one to blame except for myself. When the breakout first happened, I had been tasked with finding a cure. Or rather my pack was. We weren’t an exceptionally large pack, in fact, we were potentially the smallest pack in the world, consisting of only twelve members. We used to be a lot larger, but this parasite has taken out the rest. Just because we were small though, didn’t mean we weren’t one of the best. Every member of my pack has been trained to fight off those that have been infected. We were also the ones that could find a cure. At least at one point, I thought we were, but now I wasn’t so sure. When the breakout first happened, my pack had been one of the first ones hit. The ones that remained are immune to the parasite. Everyone, including me, has been infected, but we were able to overcome it. When the Alpha King learned of this, he sent over on
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Chapter 5
Taelin- One look at the man standing before me and I was wanting to scream Mate. Samantha was already screaming it in my head. Just when I had been ready to accept a chosen mate, I was now standing before my fated mate. “What is your name?” The male asked, coming toward me like a predator. “Taelin. Would you be so kind as to give me your name?” I asked, trying to contain my excitement. “Ryker. Why did you come here? If protection is what you are seeking, I can offer it. However, you will be expected to carry your own weight and help where needed. I also need to know if you have been infected.” Why was it that even his name made me buzz with excitement? When he continued talking, I just became annoyed though. Why was it that all men think I just needed protection? The ones needing protection were them. Mate or not, my spine stiffened at his comment. I have read the file on this pack. They were small but tasked with finding the cure. They were all very skilled fighters as well, whi
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Chapter 6
Ryker-I had to admit, she had a fire in her that was a bit refreshing. Not saying that all my pack members didn’t have a fire in them, but hers was different. It was like she always had to have her back up.She was getting under my skin, and I didn’t like it. I wasn’t against female fighters, since we had a female member in the pack that could wipe the floor with the men. My problem was that I felt like she was going to be a distraction, which none of us could afford.The way she responded to my Beta though, now that had been impressive. When he had commented on her looks, I had been ready to lay into him. Not that I knew why, I barely met the girl, and my loyalty was to my members.“Hey! My name is Sara, I can show you where you will be staying. Don’t mind the men, they are just stunned with how beautiful you are.”Just as I expected, my Gamma jumped in and was already trying to be besties with the girl. It didn’t surprise me considering she has been complaining about being the only
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Chapter 7
Taelin-I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t been able to settle in before I was already called down to get to work. Not that I really minded, considering I needed to get used to being here. Sara was great, but the guys here were already on my last nerve.It wasn’t like I shouldn’t have expected it to happen. Very few males couldn’t care whether I was a female or not. In a way, I had hoped that once I finished my training, people would be more welcoming to me.What makes me being a female any different? I went through the same training everyone else did to get the position I now held. I guess there wasn’t much I could do about it, other than do what I have always done. Prove I belonged.Gathering up the last of my gear, I made sure my thigh halter was properly secure. I might have the benefit of shifting into a wolf, but we were trained to fight in our human form. Since I didn’t know the area, I wasn’t going to shift to defend myself.Taking one last look in the floor-to-ceiling
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Chapter 8
Taelin-Trying to keep my attention on our surroundings, I found it rather difficult to ignore the feeling that I was being watched. I thought perhaps I was just imagining it. Chancing a look over my shoulder, I found that I wasn’t.Ryker was staring at me. He didn’t even turn away when I caught him. It was as if he was entirely okay with the fact. I wasn’t sure what bothered me more. The fact he was staring at me with an expressionless face, or that I liked him looking at me.His face might appear to be emotionless, but there was something in the way he was looking at me. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it made me feel good. Like tiny little ladybugs fluttering around over my skin.I was about to avert my gaze and return to keeping an eye on things when I noticed something from the corner of my eye. It was to the left of the truck, the side Ryker was on. Focusing my eyes in that direction, I thought maybe I had just imagined it.Until I realized I saw a rogue running towards the
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Chapter 9
Ryker-How stupid could I be? When I told her that my main priority is keeping my members safe, I hadn’t expected her to risk her life as she had. What is worse, I called her an idiot when she did.I told Julian to stop, but he just reminded me that under no circumstances are we to put ourselves in danger if it can be helped. I had hoped that Taelin would be on the road waiting for us on our return, but she wasn’t. We even looked around the area but didn’t find any of the rogues or Taelin.I couldn’t believe she had gone and got herself killed not even a few hours after arriving. We picked up the supplies and made our way back without any issues. I couldn’t get Taelin out of my head though.“Ryker, you need to let it go. There is nothing that can be done now. She was hot, but obviously not cut out for this job. It is time we contacted the Alpha King and explained what is going on.” My Beta said, pulling me from my thoughts.“It can wait until tomorrow. Right now, we need to get everyt
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