Chapter 77: Heir to the Throne


“It is an honor to finally meet you.” The Alpha King bowed to my mother.

It was strange seeing him bowing to my mother like she was some sort of royalty. What was even more strange, was seeing the way she blushed when he kissed the back of her hand. Since my father died, she has never shown interest in another man.

If I thought they would do well together, I would be all for trying to get them together. I just couldn’t see either of them being happy together if they did. My mother was far too anxious for the Alpha King.

Not to mention she would more than likely make my life a living hell and try to convince him to not let me be a warrior. Not that I was one to stand in the middle of happiness. Yet I couldn’t help but hope they didn’t find interest in each other to that degree.

“Oh? Has my daughter mentioned me?” She asked, a polite smile on her face.

He released her hand and backed away a few feet. His eyes landed on me for a moment, before returning to answer her question. “O
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