Chapter 73

Aleena’s POV


One month later!!


“So, this area of the pack’s security needed to be increased.”, I explained to both my Beta Noah and Head Warrior, Hudson, about it, to which they nodded.

Yes! You read it, right! Hudson chose to become the Head Warrior of both the packs. During these two months, I realized that he didn’t give to any position. I didn’t know the real reason behind it, but Leia sensed that Hudson’s wolf was Alpha by blood. Except for this, no one knew a thing about him. No surname, no pack name, from where he landed in Fire Cross Pack, no one knew about it.

He was mysterious but loyal, and if we are talking about his mate, Paige. Then she had cleared that she wouldn’t reject him until he gave her the reason for rejection. At the same time, she wasn’t someone who would cry at the thought that her mate wanted to reject her but was one of them who tortured her mate by making him jealous all the time by hanging out with Noah.

I hope her plan will backfire on her.

“Lina,” M
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