Act 2: Maróczy Bind - Chapter 3


The cold chills me to the bone as I walk along the pier. I know that I needed to be seen out and about without the aid of Serena or Dario because, as far as Allessio knows, they got taken out in the car crash.

I have this working for me, as well as Christian’s connections and a possible accord with Arman Kuznetsov. If I play this right, I will be a few moves ahead of Allessio and could win this game with my eyes closed.

But I can’t celebrate just yet; there’s still much to do.

My cell phone rings, shaking me out of my reverie, and when I look down at the caller ID, I already know what to expect.


Christian’s low, calm voice comes through and momentarily stuns me. I expected a shouting match or even a demand to come back, but not this.

“Christian. Are you feeling better after your rest?” I ask, trying not to give away how his voice unnerved me.

“Hmm,” he says, “I made my way to your room to find out if you would like to have afternoon tea with me, only to find ou
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