Fifteen: Consume Me

The afternoon light came through the sheer curtains, giving the living room a warm glow. For a moment, Gabriel's eyes looked almost green instead of their normal hazel as he held my gaze, waiting for me to make the first move.

Something about the hungry look in his eyes made me feel empowered. He had stayed true to me, and I had never been with another. We would share everything together, and that was a beautiful feeling.

Not wanting to lose my confidence, I slid across Gabriel's hips, my leg falling to his other side as I straddled him. His hands immediately found my waist. Each finger that pressed into my sides sent its own wave of heat and anticipation through my body. His heart was pounding under my palm, matching my own excitement.

"What will my reward be?" The husky undertone of his voice and the rising bulge in his jeans as I sat on top of him, caused my panties to dampen.


His eyes narrowed as they turned black, consumed by the expanding iris. A small glow of red bega
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