Chapter 18


"Mr Green, Your father is at the company and has requested to see you, he isn’t willing to leave and is quite angry, sir.” Noah tells me and I sighed, massaging my temples as I drove. “Give him tea just how he likes it, I’ll be there in five.” I say and cut the call.

I could feel a headache coming up just from hearing he is in the company. I wonder why he didn’t just call and why he had to go to the company. I was already feeling so relaxed after seeing Lola and now this.

I pulled up at the company and got down from the car, rushing into the building, ignoring most of the greetings I was getting. The only thing or person on my mind right now is Father and why the hell he is here.

It’s been months since I last saw him and now


So we’ve established the fact that Adonis’s father is an asshole. I apologize for the short chapters. My elbow hurts like hell. I’ll take a trip to the hospital tomorrow and hopefully it’s nothing to worry about and I won’t need a cast but this is me saying, I might not be able to update for a week or so if my doctor advises against it but hopefully i should be able to.

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Oh no, their love story has just begun and his father wants to ruin it.

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