Proud Mum

“Umm…excuse me, can you get Little Hayden his ball toy? It’s in my room, I think if you ask one of the maids, she should be able to get it for you…” I requested with a pleading voice.

“Sure…” one of the guards replied emotionlessly after a short pause.

I continued sketching and soon after, Little Hayden had a red little ball to play with in the grass. Now only if he had someone to play around with him, the day would be so perfect for the little guy. I glanced over at the stern-looking guards and shook my head softly to myself as I gave up on the idea. I don’t think any of them would be willing to play ball with my little puppy. Sorry, Little Hayden, you’re going to have to play by yourself for today.

Right now, I found it a great idea to have the guards with me. Not because I felt like I was in any real danger, but it was useful to have them help keep an eye on Little Hayden as he played around in the grass to make sure that he didn’t wander off while I was busy sketching or workin
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