Chapter 118

A hungry girl is a dangerous being…


Having focused his eyes on his food so as not to upset Liza with his mood, Mike glanced up moments later to see how she was fairing and he blinked. Not just once but repeatedly. 

He blinked hard to be sure he was not seeing things as he stared blankly at the empty plate in front of Liza.

Wondering if she had disposed of the food while he was not looking, Mike quickly glanced around to check for anything untoward but he saw nothing. 

There was nowhere for Liza to hide the food because the trash can was indeed far from her. 

Which means?

Which means all that food went into Liza’s tummy. Holy cow!

Taking his wide eyes away from the empty plate to focus it on Liza, Mike was speechless.

Knowing what Mike was thinking, Liza chu

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