At the heart of Brethren City, where the sun sets on the West horizon, lies and stood hundreds of gigantic world-renowned high-class buildings and towers. Centuries of grand design and sculpture came together in the wide avenues to form that eclectic yet peaceful cityscape. A big teeming metropolis where ambitious, greedy, and powerful people from all over the world mark their territory in the city.

A famous celebrity who came from a well-known family and the wealthiest people who run half of the global economy resides at the very heart of the city.

At the darkened modern luxe bachelor's pad settled in the South Brethren, the home of the most feared man in the world, a maiden barge in the most dangerous and forbidden room for women to enter. Hands clutching her white revealing night-gown on the side.

Even it was a red flag for the maiden, Sumire courageously infiltrated the dark masculine throne-like chamber even she was quivering in fear. Windows were open, night zephyr gently stirred her obsidian hair. The lights were offed and only the beam of the moonlight lit up the cold dimmed room. Bottle of empty whiskeys scattered around, broken into smithereens.

She strode further inside and found herself standing in the darkest part of the corner. Behind the swaying curtains appeared the glowing pair of emerald eyes and there emerge a big man's shadow out of the silver curtains. Legs were crossed and head angling on the other side, sitting in a kingly posture.

The man growled like a feral beast panther slowly approaching her place with a heavy step, oozing with Death's aura and vibes! Gasped, Sumire was standing frozen on her feet when she meet his cold and dangerous look. Hair is slick back and sexily disheveled. His naked upper body appeared to be so massive and masculine.

She was terrified and mesmerize by his presence at the same time. She was breathless and in a daze!

"You have the audacity to invade my private den, missy. Do you know what that means?"

He said in a gruff tone. The maiden gulped hard while looking up at the man towering big over her. Sumire's cheek started to burn in red when she inhaled his intoxicating smell that now lingers on her nostrils. She was hypnotized and it made her drawn to him even more.

Sumire entered the place to prove herself that she loves no one but him. But here she is shrinking back, knees and toes are jelled. She was imprisoned by his mysterious charm!

"I am here to explain myself. Dieu and I weren't---"

"Shhh...don't talk or I will make a mess with this lips of yours against mine."

He reached to her face and lifted her chin. Mort's thumbs gently brushed her lips which were slightly parted. Sumire closed her eyes at the touch, lewd and lascivious and lovely. She was thankful for the darkness and quite desperate for the light, obscuring her reddened cheeks.

His gaze traced her pair of midnight eyes, nose, and sweet lips. "I hate when someone looks at you the same way I did..." Mort clenches his jaw, his thick manly eyebrows deeply furrowed.

"Do you know how tempting you are, lady? Hmmm?"

He hummed half-growl and half-moan. Mort's gaze travels down to her delectable neck and shoulder. He brushed off the lace of her dress and it slip down to her fair skin. Sumire decided to give herself to the man tonight to ease his jealousy and fear of losing her.


Eyes drawn to his lips, Sumire inhaled, let out a ragged breath, and felt wanton.

He lifted her hips up and enwrapped her legs around his waist. Leaning into each other. Sumire blushed intensely when she felt his hard bulge pressed between her thighs, telling her they were a perfect fit.

Consumed in fire and hearts give in to their desires, Mort sealing the tiny space between them and he plunges himself on her. Their lips locked, sucking and biting her lower lip. Bodies pressed together heatedly against each other. Sumire curled her toes against his back. Her heart pounded in her chest as her knees got weaker.

Her whole body tingled in fear and excitement, the feel of his frame leaning on hers as his arms wrapped around her felt nearly ecstatic. Sumire slightly pulled herself to gasp for air but Mort pulled her back, claiming her mouth over again, hungry and intense. She can taste the wine on his lips that intoxicate her. Mort's hands crawled inside her revealing silver nightdress. She cup his face and yanked his hair at the same time, responding to his torrid and hungry kiss with the same intensity.

When their lips are slightly parted and wet, her brassiere unlocked, Mort possessively declared.

"Tonight, you will be my prey and mine."

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