Men were snarling and squealing as the ground became greasy with gore. Weapons were clanging and clangorous under the seething, spite-filled sky. It was the third day since the Oddesseau's camps began to attack along with the five mafia leaders and now penetrating the heart of Brethren city. A number of men were dispersed to hunt down and kill anyone who belong to the Aslanovs but their group failed to overthrow the clan, especially Mort. They could not find even the glint of his shadow.

Not only is the bloody massacre taking place in the Underground but the war has also affected the surface world. The men of the five mafia leaders begin to sow terror. They killed elder ones, raped women, and brutally tortured men they saw on the road for no reason. They have been wreaking mayhem in the city, burning down buildings and establishments, bombed every street and alley. With every passing minute, many people were lying dead on the road. Hundreds of civilians have been massacred mercilessly
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