Ella - POV

James and Archer also accompanied me to the hospital; the travel seemed sad because I kept thinking about my father and our happy moments. That I did not know how Hana was doing. She must have seen my father's death before her, but one thing kept running through my head: If Darcus's father is such a dictator, how is it possible that he spared Hana but killed my father? Because he would not leave any witnesses behind. What the living hell am I thinking right now?

"We've arrived, Ella." Darcus said. I snapped out of my reverie and dashed to the hospital. I didn't even bother waiting for anybody.

"Ms. Could you please inform me which room Ms. Hana. Lee is in?" I inquired of the receptionist.

"Next left, room 138, you are a family member of Ms. Lee." The receptionist asked.

"I am, indeed. Can we finish the formalities and fill out the paperwork later?" But first, I need to make sure she's OK. The receptionist called me back, but I didn't listen to her, and as I entered her room
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