Are my babies okay?

Seth pov

The loud beeping next to my ear irritates me enough for me to force my eyes open. The last thing I remember is contractions and intense pain.

Luciano grabbed my bag while the rest of my husbands freaked out and prepared the car. On our way to the hospital, I understood something was wrong.

The pain I felt was nowhere near the one I felt when I gave birth to our first set of triplets. In fact, that was far from it.

By the time Luciano carried me inside the hospital, I was nearly out of it, but now, I’m just lying on the bed. I wonder if they performed a c-section.

Someone places their hand over mine, and I jerk my head to the person. It’s a nurse who smiles at me as if the weight of an entire planet just fell off her shoulders.

“How are you feeling?” She asks, glancing at the weird machine next to her.

“I’m fine,” I rasp. “Are my babies okay? Where are they?”

My eyes scan the room, but I don’t see the tiny beds nor hear any newborn sounds. Fear creeps up on me. What if th
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Louise Von Dohren Lane
Seth loves her L names for her babies.. laz, Luca, Lenox, and now Liam and Levi
goodnovel comment avatar
Gin Mi Vida Belleza
What sucks the most is that Seth doesn’t know that everyone knows that she lost her pup so they won’t be surprised when she tells them..
goodnovel comment avatar
OK this chapter hit me ... as a multiple angel mum I felt it ... but I really hope they are there for each other ... tis 1 thing knowing that it's a risk and another thing entirely going through a still birth ... she may be thinking logically now but having 2 not 3 there will hit her hard x

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