Chapter 61 - The Sentence

~~~ Landon ~~~

The moment the shield was lifted, I felt everything. And it hit me like thunder and lightning all together. The ravishing blissful sensation started racing through my body, a desire to love and protect, inhale her fragrance as if it was oxygen to me.

The sacred mating bond. I’ve only heard of it, and it’s stronger than I expected.

My heart followed the lavender scent that flattered my nostrils. My eyes scanning the room, the surroundings faded away and I only saw her, so beautiful with her long silver hair that she wears in wavy curls, eyes of clear sky color filled with determination.

She’s perfect!

So I was fucking right, my mate was here, in this castle. And she is not a werewolf. The same as my father, the Moon Goddess blessed me with a mate outside my species.

I stood in her presence before, yet our connection was hidden by that fucking shield that suppressed my wolf. I was unable to recognize her as my fated one.

Next thing the happiness that made my pulse rush
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Candice Whitner
This is so good awaiting updates

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