Chapter 7


My parents were covered with blood. I was at the staircase and they were at the door. Werewolves did these things to them. And I wasn’t able to save them.

They were screaming for help. They screamed for pain. I couldn't move my body from my position. I want to run towards them. I want to help them to stand out. But I was frozen in my place.

“You’re always my girl, Cath,” Daddy said in a low monotone voice. His voice sounded like he was losing blood.

“You’re always our baby.” My mom smiled despited of the pain she was struggling with.

I love you Mom and Dad, I thought to myself. I wasn’t able to let it through my mouth. I love them and I wished I was able to protect them.

My eyes opened. Everything was a dream. A nightmare. I found myself in a dark place. Old classroom chairs, broken tables, dirt on the ground. I was tied around a chair. Where am I?

I almost forgot that Mr. Higgins put me to sleep. He must be the one who brought me here. Why would someone put a student in a basement just because she failed a test? What if they found out I’m a human and they wanted me to become their feast? Thought I wasn’t sure that werewolves eat humans. I must be thinking of vamps.

The door of the basement opened. Mr. Higgins was followed by two of my teachers. Mrs. Score, whose the same age as him. And Ms. Durant, our youngest teacher. She looked like she was in her mid-twenties.

Why did they kidnap me? I looked at their hands to check if they were holding something. I sighed in relief when they were holding nothing. As they inched closer to me, my lungs couldn’t function properly.

“Where am I? Why am I here?” I asked them. My voice was a bit raised. This is simply kidnapping. What scares me more was that they are not humans.

Mrs. Score stepped the closest to me. He grabbed my face and pressed it. I almost bit my lip because her nails were digging through my skin. “We’re the one who supposed to ask you that.” She gazed at Ms. Durant. “Lucy.”

“I have a strong sense of smell of the species of a creature. I can sense that you’re not a werewolf. You should tell us what are you right now and we’ll let you go once we decided that you’re not a threat at all.”

“I’m a human.” I closed my eyes, waiting for an attack.

No one hit me with a gun or a knife. Instead, I received a hard slap from Mrs. Score. I thought she did that because I was the only one who’s not a werewolf in the town. I was surprised by what she said next.

“Impossible! Don’t fool us, lady,” she said.

I’m not lying at them yet they still hurt me. I am a human! I would be lying if I told them I’m like them. 

Mr. Higgins glanced back at Ms. Durrant. “Lucy, can you please explain to her what you smelled.”

“As I said, I have a keen sense of smell. I knew that you’re not a werewolf or a human either. You have strong energy overflowing in you.”

I chuckled. “What the fuck are you saying? I’m a human!”

Another slap from Mrs. Score. Why does her slap feel more painful than a glass hitting my skin? I don’t know what time is it yet. I wished someone would find me here. With these three creatures in front of me, I knew I won’t be able to escape.

“This kid is insisting more. She should learn a lesson.” Mr. Higgins clicked his tongue. What lesson? I don’t need a freaking lesson because I’m telling them the truth that I’m a human.

“You should let me go now! The alpha would kill you once he learned you kidnapped an innocent human!” I’m not sure about what I’ve just said. I’ve read a few books about werewolves. There were good Alphas who doesn’t want to cause conflicts on other creatures, especially humans. If these werewolves belong to the same pack, they were going to be punished.

Mrs. Score smirked at me. “The alpha isn’t here. And the alpha wouldn’t know what we’re going to do to someone like you. He would be thankful to us that we’re going to erase a threat like you. Lucy!”

Ms. Durrant picked up a planked on the ground. She inched close to me. As she lifted the plank, I closed my eyes. A hard knock swept my face. That was one of the most bearing pain I felt in the past five years. Emotionally, it would be my parents' death.

I wish I could’ve fought them. I was tied around a chair and they were free to do anything that they wanted to do on me.

Ms. Higgins was about to hit me again with a plan when the door of the basement crashed. An ink-black wolf entered, followed by a white and dark blue wolf. The three teachers in front of me instantly shapeshifted into wolves as well.

The black wolf attacked Mr. Higgins who’s a gray wolf. The wolf scratched his paw to Mr. Higgins's body, who scowled in pain while in the shapeshift form. He stopped fighting the black wolf and easily turned back to his human form. He has a huge slash on his back.

The other two wolves also fought with my two teachers. Mrs. Score and Ms. Durrant didn’t succeed. Just like what the black wolf did to Mr. Higgins, they slashed their claws at the other wolves. My two female teachers also turned back to their human form, screeching with pain.

These three wolves saved me. I wasn’t sure who they are.

The black wolf bit the rope that was wrapped around my body. I was free, but I can’t stand straight because of the plank that hit me earlier.

“Thank you.”

The black wolf just stared at me. Then he turned back into his human form. Angelo! Angelo was the one who saved me! I was saved by my man!

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