Chapter 15


There’s no escape from this creature. Why would a guy enter a female restroom to attack an innocent woman like me? He can’t turn into a wolf because it’s a day. The sun was shining bright outside. At the same time, I was afraid he might punch me or kill me with his fists. He remained in his place, ready to hit me with his balled hands.

“Marvel, don’t hit her,” a woman from the outside said. Marvel calmed down. His face relaxed for a bit. They should be in guidance counseling right now for assaulting me inside the restroom!

The woman who talked showed pup behind Marvel. She had blonde hair, and pink lipstick, his skin was pearl white. 

Marvel growled at her. “She’s a threat. I can scent it. Glitter, she’s a threat!” 

Why does he sound so crazy about me? He looked like a dog with rabies who would attack a person. While Glitter was a calmer version of him. Hence, they bot

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