Chapter 38


The way home was much cleaner than before. There were lesser trash and rotten leaves on the ground. The road hits our shoes much smoother. I haven’t seen anyone cleaning the way, maybe they are doing it when it’s 3 AM or 4 AM just like what we have in our previous place on Mondays.

I was a few inches behind Gelo. I could see his dazzling eyes and sun-slicked hair. I’ve said a lot of times before that he was gorgeous. Maybe I can say it one more time right now. It’s not his face why I liked him. It’s more than that.

“So… How are you?” he asked.

“What kind of question is that? We’re neighbors and you might know everything about me from this point. Am I not telling you that much?”

“You are. But I’ve never heard from you since yesterday. Nana told me you almost left the town, but she said it was your story to tell that’s why she wasn’t speaking to me about it. So I’m asking you what happened.”

“My brothers got mad at me transforming into a wolf and also us being so-called lover
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