Chapter Fifty One-Patch

The searing pain in Patch’s shoulder throbbed in sync with his heartbeat. He’d never been shot before, and he realized quickly he was glad for it.

Delaney's voice wavered in and out of his hearing, her soft touches seemed light years away. Patch didn’t even realize the EMTs had arrived until they lugged him up and onto the gurney.

They lifted him with a struggle up the spiral staircase as he heard the police reading Delaney's father his rights.

He knew everything would be cleared now. The police had no choice but to drop their case against Patch and his mother.

They figured it out. They knew who was behind the killings, and The South Side. Most likely other killings as well. Maybe they could settle solve other murders or mysteries now that he was caught.

But Patch knew that the struggle wasn’t completely over. His best friend and his girlfriend just found out that their father was a murderer. A serial killer. A man they didn’t know him to be.

The hurt in Delaney's voice and her
Brittany Carter

It's not over yet. I have another chapter!

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Loving this book, it’s a great read
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Tiffany schramm
this has been a rant good book, wish there would've been more sex scenes esp since he was a rough biker.. but still good..

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