chapter .10.



Before I could stand up, Alex stood up to face him. "The hell you doing here man? I'm talking to you man."

Flynn didn't reply him. Rather his gaze swept from Ava's to mine and then to Ava's again. He moved past Alex and scooted low before Ava. It was as if I was frozen on the spot. I couldn't move neither could I do anything to stop him.

"Nice to see you too, Ava." He took Ava's outstretched hand."Doppelganger, really?"

"Yeah because I saw you one time on TV and I felt you were familiar. The next morning when I looked up to my reflection while brushing my teeth, I realized that we had the same colors of eyes. And your nose kinda looked like mine too," She chuckled, pinching his nose. "I've always wanted to meet you someday in person until I saw you outside the park that day but mommy wouldn't even let me speak to you. She was so much in a hurry to get home."


"Tell me, is your name Flynn? Mommy keeps talking about a certain Flynn
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