Chapter 6: Unexpected Meet

Ellena looked straight in Madeline’s eyes, her voice was enough to send anyone running chills. “Apologize? What exactly should I apologize for?”

In Madeline’s memory, this daughter was really smart and beautiful when she was just a child. But the more she grew up, the more ugly and stupid she had become. But this was the first time she saw the sharpness from Ellena’s eyes, and she was totally surprised by this change in temperament.

“Naomi.” Madeline swallowed and turned around to whisper to Naomi, “Let’s forget about today, okay? If there is any chance and she’s mad, I’m afraid…”

Although Naomi was unwilling, she had no choice but to let this matter go.

If Ellena really goes crazy and does something stupid, and ended up angering the Arnoult family, all of them would be placed in jeopardy. Naomi had already escaped her slimy faith with that crippled man just a day ago and she certainly wasn’t going to test her luck a second time.

If Arnoult family really got angry, then how on the earth could they maintain their luxurious life in this rich house?

Seeing that her mother and step-sister were stunned silent, Ellena turned to go upstairs to her room and pack her belongings.

She had been living in the Smith Family mention for over 20 years, yet with the number of clothes and belongs she had in her closet, she always felt that she was a visitor her. After all, it wasn’t as if her mother would take the time off from her busy schedule to please her step-sister and bother with her.

When she went downstairs with her suitcase, the hall was already empty. Madeline wasn’t there to send her off. She must’ve had enough of her already.

But Ellena did not care. The quicker she got out of this house, the better.

However, as soon as she thought of Edward’s cousin waiting for her at the front gates, she hesitated and went around to the back door to left the villa.

Although she didn’t know why that cousin of Edward showed such an interest in her, she knew one thing for sure that she should stay away from him. After all, to piss off a man like Edward Arnoult, was like kissing a death wish. There was no way she could get out of that unscathed.

Outside the front gate, Edward waited for a long time but he didn’t see Ellena coming out. His patience was running out.

What the hell was taking her so long?

Suddenly, the folder from yesterday flashed in his mind, he frowned slightly. No way that ugly woman would be bullied by her own family, right?

As soon as the idea came up, he could not help but touch his face which she had slapped and snored coldly. That woman was like a fierce wildcat. She didn’t seem to be the type who could be easily bullied.

Yet even then, he could not wipe off the uneasiness in his heart.

“Would you like to come in, sir?”

A gentle voice sounded outside the car. Edward turned to look out of the window and saw a woman with delicate features standing gracefully beside the car.

Naomi was stunned when she saw his face.

She saw Ellena and a man kissing in the car, she didn’t able to look at the man’s face. She thought that he might be decent but she didn’t expect the man to be so beautiful and elegant.

How could such an extraordinary man take a fancy to Ellena, that stupid and ugly bumpkin?

Maybe Ellena was the one who had jumped to him after all.

However, it seemed that she was right to walk out to try her luck.

Her thoughts could not hide from the eyes of Edward.

He sneered. “Who are you?”

“I am Ellena’s elder sister. You can call me Naomi.” She didn’t mind Edward’s indifference to her at all.


Now that Edward remembered, there were two daughters in the Smith family. Besides Ellena, the other one was his cheap price fiancée.

Most people would say that Naomi was as beautiful as a flower blooming under the sun, but she wasn’t really his taste. Ellena’s ugly appearance was more pleasing for him.

He didn’t have the patience to talk to her anymore, and asked with an emotionless expression, “Where’s Ellena?”

“She huh… She might still be packing up in her room. She asked me to come down and tell you to come inside.” Naomi didn’t want to let this opportunity pass. All the members of the Arnoult family had both wealth and status, not to mention, they were incredibly good looking.

Seeing through her intentions clearly, Edward couldn’t help sneering.

That woman would actually let him sit inside?

She probably had already escaped right now!

He didn’t even bother to give Naomi an extra look, just closed the window and drove away directly. He had to time for fake niceties.

Naomi didn’t have the chance to say anything as he left her in the dust. She had met so many men in her life and all of them were always so enamored by her beauty and class.

But Naomi had never been treated so coldly by a man. Immediately her face turned blue with anger.

Ellena directly returned to the small apartment that she rented.

When she was in the college, she had lived in the school hostel, and later when graduated to an internship, she rented an apartment away from her family home. Although the room wasn’t filled with luxurious goods, it certainly was a new start. And it didn’t have the same leave of emptiness as it did in that hellhole.

If it wasn’t for Madeline who had trapped Ellena in the home all the time so that she could marry into the Arnoult family, she would never step into that home.

Anyway, Edward wasn’t at the villa and didn’t want to see her. So what’s the problem if she wanted to stay her?

After settling back into her home and unpacking some things, it was already afternoon. She quickly got ready again and planned to go out to buy something.

She lived in a famous slum in H City, with inconvenient transportation and a mixture of good and evil people.

As soon as she turned into an alley, she heard a loud bang.

Was it a gunshot?

She didn’t have time to distinguish the situation when she looked up and saw a white van in front of her rushing towards her uncontrollably like a mad dog.

Its headlight flickered from her side and she found herself momentarily frozen from shock. It was only when it was a few inches away from her did she finally dashed to the side.

However, the van didn’t stop there. The door suddenly opened and a tall man jumped from inside.

He tucked his head and rolled right to Ellena’s feet.

She was about to step back, but the man suddenly jumped up and pressed something cold against her temple. The man’s pleasant voice was somewhat familiar, “Get me out of here, quickly.”

When Ellena looked up to see the man’s face clearly, she exclaimed in shock, “Nicklaus!”

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