Chapter 247: We Should Have A Few More Children

Ellena panicked, "What did Grandfather say to you? You're making me very anxious!"

Edward sat down by the bed.

Ellena stood in front of him. He had to raise his head to see Ellena's face.

"Grandpa said…"

Edward suddenly stopped after saying these few words.

Ellena waited to hear what was going on. She thought that Alfred and Edward had said something important.

Seeing Ellena's serious expression, Edward added the second half of the sentence, "Grandpa said that we should have a few more children."

Edward's tone and expression were very serious.

Ellena was stunned for a moment and immediately realized that Edward was lying to her.

She reached out and ruffled Edward's hair. "I'm serious with you. Are you joking with me?"

Edward grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. "I'm serious."

As soon as he said that, he kissed Ellena.

Ellena understood that Edward did not want to tell her.

Whenever there was something he did not want to tell her, Edward would do something else t
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